Author: Steven Field

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch for November 18th

This Sunday Brunch, host Steven Field talks with Brad Bauman about the Junior Buckaroo Wrestling program at the Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca.  The show starts off with an important message about suicide prevention from Jeanette Montero and Jennifer Hood.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch for November 4th

This week Steven talks with Derrick Messmer and K.C. Shedden from the Bureau of Land Management about Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation efforts that are currently underway after the Martin Creek Fire.  After that, Mark Henderson, Alyssa Parker, Weston Noyes, Sarah Fernandez, Destiny De La Mora, Mateo Hernandez, Scottie Smith, and […]

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch for Oct 21st

This week Barbara Stanton, with the Winnemucca Armory, stops by to tell everyone about an upcoming kid friendly Halloween event that benefits our local food bank.  Then Mike Dennis talks about a free upcoming instruction course on youth mental health first aid, why it is important, and who should take […]

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch for October 14th

On this episode, Steven talks with City Manager Alicia Heiser and Paige Brooks from the City Council about the upcoming vote on Question 1.  After exploring how the proposed funds could be used to benefit all of Humboldt County, Steven talks with Humboldt County Manager Dave Mendiola on the way […]


Sunday Brunch for October 7th

This week NDOW fisheries biologist Brad Bauman stops by and talks about the opening ceremonies for the community pond, as well as other fishing opportunities.  Clint Koble also swings by the studio and talks about his positions and why he wants your support this November in becoming your representative in […]